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Being a carer for a loved one can be extremely demanding, stressful and appear never-ending. Respite care provides carers with a short-term break from their caring role.

If you spend a lot of time with someone living with Dementia, you’re probably always on the lookout for new fun and engaging activities to do together. There are many beneficial activities that can help a person with dementia stay relaxed and keep their mind stimulated.

Caring for someone with dementia can be an extremely challenging time. But as a family member, we know you’re there offering unconditional love, care and support to your loved one from the very beginning, no matter how difficult it gets.

It is a sad reality that our senior years are the period we are most likely to experience social isolation. So, while everyone experiences feelings of loneliness at times, you may not be surprised to hear that loneliness in old age is most common.

Home Instead Senior Care Sydney Eastern Suburbs and Sutherland Shire have been proud supporters of Bondi2Berry since the very start - and 2018 is no exception. Once again we’ve partnered 
with Bondi2Berry with the goal to raise $100,000 for Dementia Australia!

Most people imagine end of life care can only be accessed in a care home, hospital or hospice. However, with proper planning, you can receive palliative care at home surrounded by the comfort of your family, close friends and most loved possessions.

As we age, it becomes all too easy to let our exercise go. We lose the physical prowess we had when we were younger so it becomes more challenging to move the way we used to – so many people end up moving less and less.

You are never too old to get moving. The human body responds to exercise, no matter our age, and the health benefits are many.

Sadly, falls are still the leading cause of injury and hospital visits among older adults in Australia. But there are a number of fall prevention methods you can put in place to reduce the risk of accidents in and around the home.

While weight loss may have been desirable in the past, sudden loss of weight in elderly people can be a cause for concern. As we grow older, a decrease in body mass can pose significant health risks and even be indicative of an underlying health problem.